Does the undershirt actually stop sweat showing on the outside?
Yes, we guarantee it. We have a risk free 30 day trial, wear the undershirt, try it out and if you don't love it we'll refund you fully (and we pay for return shipping so there is nothing to worry about). Whats not to love? Check out our 30 day risk free trial info here

30 Day Risk Free Trial
We believe in our product so much that you really have no reason not to try it out. We have tested this product on the most sweaty of people and no one has ever sweat through the sweat-proof pad in the underarm. 

Regarding the purchase of one undershirt: 
If you try the undershirt and don't love it we'll refund you fully (and we pay for return shipping so there is nothing to worry about).

Contact us on Messenger or email us at: hello@chesterbarkly.com.au
if you would like to organise a refund.

Regarding the purchase of two (or more) undershirts:
Try on one of your purchased undershirts and test it out. If you don't love it get in contact with us and we'll organise your full refund and the extra for return shipping (we pay that don't worry).

Contact us on Messenger or email us at: hello@chesterbarkly.com.au if you have an issue with your product.

It the undershirt visible under a work shirt?

It's virtually invisible, we made it from ultra thin MicroModal to make it as invisible as possible. Compared to a normal cotton undershirt it wins everyday of the week. 

Does it stop smell 100%?
Almost, but because lawyers can be dicks, no, smell will not be entirely prevented. However, our undershirts feature two layers of natural antimicrobial (anti-smell) fabric. As a result, bad odours are absorbed far more effectively than by typical fabrics. The first layer is made from beechwood Modal, a natural material that is known for its softness and antimicrobial properties, the second layer (within the padded areas) is made from spun cotton, which helps to fully absorb the sweat and minimise odour.

Do you do returns, exchanges or refunds?
Yes. Please see our policies regarding Shipping, Returns & Exchanges here.

Is this a moisture wicking undershirt?
No. Our undershirts are designed to simultaneously provide a barrier between your skin and the sweat, and the shirt and the sweat. Wicking shirts manoeuvre the moisture from your skin to the outside of the shirt, making sweat marks extremely visible. Our undershirts will keep both you and your outer shirt dry. 

How do I wash my undershirt?
For best results, turn the undershirt inside out and wash on a cool or warm setting. Washing on a hot cycle is not recommended due to possible shrinking. Hang dry. The pad in the undershirt will take longer to dry because of the thickness.

Is it uncomfortable, will I feel the sweat proof pad in my armpit?
From what customers have said and our own testing its feels pretty similar to a normal undershirt. You can feel it a little bit but within 7-10 minutes you forget you're wearing it. 

When sweating heavily you will feel the moisture for longer than usual because it is being absorbed into the pad, but after a few minutes it will all be absorbed and be off your skin. 

Will it make me feel hotter?
A little, about 3-5% hotter than usual is what our customers and ourselves feel when wearing the undershirt. 

Single pack: a shipping fee of $3 will be charged.
Multi-packs: $5.95 in Australia, Overseas calculated at checkout.

Customers in Australia
Packages take 3-7 business days to arrive on your doorstep.

International customers 
Shipping time will be longer with packages taking 8-12 business days.

Will the sweat proof qualities last over the life of the undershirt?
Yes, the sweat proof pad will last for the life of the undershirt. The vast majority of the undershirt is made of Modal fabric, just like a normal undershirt, you can expect at least a year of wear (52 washes) from the undershirt. 

Any other questions?
Contact us on Messenger or email us at: hello@chesterbarkly.com.au

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