How It Works

A combination of three layers is how our Sweat Free Tee 100% guarantees to STOP your sweat patches from showing through, protect your shirts from yellow stains and minimise any unwanted smells.


Layer One: Comfort

A fabric made from anti-microbial Modal minimises unwanted smells and maximises comfort with 5% spandex blended in for stretch and fit.  

Layer Two: Absorption 
A spun cotton layer is placed to fully absorb all sweat and ensure it cannot reach your outer garment. This layer is made from a natural fabric which assists in minimising smell.
Think of it like a magnet for your armpit sweat. 



Layer Three: Protection
A synthetic barrier in the armpit of the undershirt blocks any sweat from coming to the outside garment and helps with evaporation to keep you dry. 
This layer is the like the Great Wall Of China, no sweat is getting through.   



How It Works Video