Here are a few of our favourite comments from loyal and satisfied customers. Independent 3rd party reviews can be found at the bottom of each product.

"I've had this issue for as long as I can remember, I would be having to wear a jacket all day at work. With this undershirt I no longer have to."

- Taylor J.

"I love cycling to work, but I have to change my shirt every time. So happy that it's not an issue now."
- James R.

"I didn't have much hope in them working as described as I believe myself to be a really sweaty guy. I tried it out on a night out with my friends and was astounded. I barely felt like I was wearing an undershirt and obviously it worked perfectly. Will be buying more. 
- Charles W.

"Mr. Sweat Patches no longer! Chuffed to bits!"
- Jason D.

"The sheer number of shirts I have ruined because of sweating so much is too high. Thank you."
- Bryce S.

"I'm just really happy they work. Wish I'd have looked into it sooner."
- Greg S.